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Rental Policies

    Montana State University Outdoor Recreation Program



    1.      Eligibility.  All Renters must be Montana State University currently enrolled students, faculty, staff, or alumni who have purchased an alumni membership.  Renters must be eighteen (18) years of age or older unless they are a currently registered student. No equipment will be rented without a valid Equipment Rental Agreement.  The Outdoor Recreation Program reserves the right to refuse to rent equipment to any person, including where the individual has previously damaged or lost equipment, failed to return equipment on time, or failed to pay any fees owed.


    2.      Reservations.  Availability of equipment is not guaranteed. Reservations must be paid in full prior to order pick up. Cancelations are subject to the Outdoor Recreation Program cancellation policy. Cancelations less than 2 full days prior to the beginning of the reservation will receive no refund. Cancelations less than 5 days and more than 2 days will be issued a 50% refund. Cancelations made more than 5 days prior to the rental start date will be issued a 100% refund. Reservation refunds will be made in the form of a rental credit or check. 


    3.      Rental Period. The rental period for this rental shall be as indicated in the rental reservation.  Renter is required to return rental equipment at least 1 hour prior to closing on the due date. The Outdoor Recreation Program is not responsible for equipment left during non-business hours. Refunds will not be granted due to lack of use of equipment, early returns, or inclement weather conditions. 


    4.      Unattended Fee. An abandonment charge of $50 will be assessed for equipment left outside during closed hours.


    5.      Late Fee. Renter will be charged the full daily rental rate for each day the rented item is late. If equipment is 10 days or more late, the Outdoor Recreation Program will notify campus police and charge a replacement fee.


    6.      Inspection.  Renter is responsible for inspecting any item before renting.  Renter agrees to accept responsibility of examining equipment prior to use, finding it suitable to their needs and in operable condition. Renter assumes the risk of any defect in design or use of equipment.


    7.      Damage or Replacement Fee. All equipment must be returned organized, clean, dry, and in the same condition as when it was loaned. Upon return of the equipment, the condition of the equipment will be inspected. The Renter shall be liable for any damage that occurs to the equipment while in his/her possession. The extent and existence of damage to the equipment will be determined at the sole discretion of the Outdoor Recreation Program. If any part of equipment is damaged, lost, and/or rendered permanently unusable, Renter will be charged the cost of repair or full replacement cost, at the discretion of the Outdoor Recreation Program. 


    8.      Cleaning Fee. A $10 cleaning charge will be applied to each item of equipment that is returned wet or excessively dirty, as determined by the Outdoor Recreation Program. Renters are strongly encouraged to clean and dry all rented equipment before returning. 


    9.      Indemnification and Release of Liability. Renter acknowledges that there are no warranties applicable to the equipment rented, express or implied.  Renter accepts the equipment as is.  Renter assumes sole liability for any injuries or damages sustained by renter and/or others while using this equipment. Renter hereby agrees to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Outdoor Recreation Program, Recreational Sports & Fitness and Montana State University, its trustees, officers, agents, employees, students, and volunteers from and against all liability claims, demands, losses, damages and expenses of every kind and description to persons (including death) or property associated with use of this rented equipment. All rental items are loaded into or on to private vehicles at the vehicles owner's own risk and Renter is solely responsible for any damage to vehicles related to the transportation of rental items.


    I authorize the Outdoor Recreation Program to charge my Cat Card for any late fees, damage and repair costs, replacement costs, and cleaning.